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Our Partnering Organizations

At Mended Hearts Europe, we understand the strength that comes from unity. Our collaboration with like-minded organizations is grounded in a shared commitment to enhancing patient care through collective efforts.

Uniting for Patients’ Wellbeing

Through collaborative initiatives, we strive to create a united front that prioritizes the overall wellbeing of patients. Together with our partnering organizations, we embark on initiatives designed to elevate the standard of patient care and support.

Expanding our Programs

Our partnerships play an essential role in expanding the reach of our programs and initiatives. By joining forces with organizations that share our mission, we can extend the impact of our programs, ensuring that they reach and benefit a broader spectrum of individuals facing heart-related challenges.

Making Resources Accessible to All

In our collective pursuit, we are committed to promoting inclusivity. This includes translating and making resources accessible to all individuals, breaking down barriers and ensuring that everyone, regardless of background or language, can benefit from the wealth of information and support our programs offer.

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Join us in the Collaborative Journey

We invite like-minded patient organizations to join us in this collaborative journey. Together, we can amplify the positive impact on patient care, extend the reach of our programs, and make essential resources accessible to a diverse and global community.

If your organization would like to partner with us, please contact Andreea Gheorghe, Director of International Affairs, at